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Got my hair cut last night

I had my mom come over and do it for me. My hair hasn’t been this short since high school. But I really like it. I should have done this before. So many times during my transition I wanted to cut it, but I was so scared no one would like it. Now I don’t care. If people don’t like it then whatever. It’s my hair and I love it.

Really thinking about doing a second big chop

This time I won’t have to worry about transitioning and cutting off relaxed hair. My hair is damaged in a couple of places, so I figured I might as well just begin my natural journey anew. We have our circuit assembly this weekend so now would be the perfect time to do it :) I think I’ve convinced my hubby that cutting my hair will not be the end of the world. It’s just hair and it’ll grow back.

Another reason I want to do this is because last Thursday I was told I have PCOS. My endocrinologist ran blood tests about a month ago and my testosterone and insulin levels were both high. That would explain why we’ve been having so much trouble getting pregnant and my trouble losing weight. But I’m on metformin now so hopefully that will help with that and help my hair grow back healthier. I go back to her in three months to check my levels again. I’m optimistic that everything will be okay. If we’re not pregnant within the next few months we move on to clomid. But no matter what we end up having to do I’m feeling pretty good about this year :D

Today is wash day for me :)